The Womp Rats

Fear Leads to Anger

Chapter 10 - Outro

The Womp Rats gather together and head out the front door; ready to continue the fight. As they break through the door the bright light of the morning sun glares in their eyes, but no fight comes.

“Odd, I thought there’d be more stormtroopers out here even with Derricote gone.” say Jonas. He lowers his grenade launcher his hip and adjust the arm over his shoulder of the unconscious Twi’lek he and Raine are carrying.

“Wait, what time is it?” inquires Raine.

Mada stifles a cough and checks the time, “well, its morning here so it’s got to be close to… yep, 0800 Galactic Standard.”

As if to punctuate Mada’s comment a siren begins to wail; warning all the citizens of the planet of a pending attack. The New Republic invasion fleet has arrived.

“Let’s get back to the Luck and regroup.” Raine orders.

Neeka – 7(?)
Mada – 2(?)

25 XP
2 Sick Krytos Virus Patients on board the Luck
+25% toward next contribution rank for the research materials Neeka downloaded
6 hours rest


Kit_Rhodes Kit_Rhodes

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