The Womp Rats

Anger Leads to Hate

Chapter 11 - Intro

Jonas and Raine return from the tribunal to the Lomai via a shuttle. On there way back to the comfort of the Luck they bump into Everson.

“You made a couple of enemies down there Lieutenant.” Everson chides.

“Its just a bunch of political nonsense. I can’t stand it.” Jonas bristles.

“Regardless, by not playing along you’ve put a target on the Womp Rats. But that’s not why I’m here. I’ve not new orders for you.” Everson directs the two officers into the mess of the Luck where Neeka and Mada are waiting.

Once everyone settles Everson begins the briefing.

“Coruscant was turned over to the New Republic with little incident. It at first appeared that the New Republic was simply superior in military might to that of the fractured components of the Empire. However, with the presence of the Krytos Virus and the destruction of much of the planets stores of Bacta. It would appear the Empire has changed tactics from all out war with the New Republic. These last few weeks have been trying to say the least. But on Coruscant when it rains it pours gentlemen. These past few weeks have seen an insurgent group calling themselves the Palpatine Counterinsurgency Front conducting massive attacks of terror on the population; destroying multiple medical facilities; and most recently a grade school in Invisec. With Rouge Squadron hamstrung by the trial, you lot are our boots on the ground. Your next mission is simple in directive. Stop this group from fostering anymore hatred of the New Republic. Here are the coordinates to the school to start your investigation. A shuttle will take you to the surface once you’re pack up and ready to go.”

Jonas stands up, arms wide, “We can take the Luck. It would be better to have our resources on the ground.”

Everson shakes his head, “The Luck isn’t cleared to depart the Lomai. It’s that target I was telling you about, Rigger. Someone high up is hold up processing your clearance after the operation. Take what you need down with you. I’ll work on your military clearance while you’re gone.”

Raine stand grumpily against the bulk head. “I don’t like this one kriffing bit. I noticed our orders weren’t help the people of Coruscant, but rather stop these guys from making us look bad.”

Everson clasps his hands submissively and heads off the ship, calling back, “Never the less, you have your orders.”

The shuttle ride was uneventful to Invisec. Though Raine’s knee ached from the bump Edggy gave him when he tried to sit. The newly minted droid walked awkwardly and kept bumping into members of the group as thy walked the streets. It’s new size gave those knocks a little extra umph and everyone was coming away with bruises.

A few blocks from the school blue lights flashed around and two men stood over a man laying face down in the street. The officers were the first responders to a crime with an unknown assailant. When the officers learned you were sent by the New Republic then wave you over to help.

As you approach light stabs through their chests and both collapse. A shot from a blaster rifle is heard a second later.

“Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!” Edggy cries and falls on Neeka pinning her down under its thick chassis.

The gathered crowd screams and scatters as a group of troopers in Stormtrooper armor appear and fire. The troopers are painted with New Republic colors. The insurgents want to send the message that the New Republic would rather purge the virus then heal it.

“We’ve got to stop them.”

Everyone nods in agreement and being to charge.

Party members other then Neeka begin encounter with 1 stain
Neeka starts pinned by Edggy.


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